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Module cartridge.lua-api.get-topology

Administration functions ( get-topology implementation).

Replicaset general information.


  • uuid: (string) The replicaset UUID.
  • roles: ({string,…}) Roles enabled on the replicaset.
  • status: (string) Replicaset health.
  • master: (ServerInfo) Replicaset leader according to configuration.
  • active_master: (ServerInfo) Active leader.
  • weight: (number) Vshard replicaset weight.Matters only if vshard-storage role is enabled.
  • vshard_group: (string) Name of vshard group the replicaset belongs to.
  • all_rw: (boolean) A flag indicating that all servers in the replicaset should be read-write.
  • alias: (string) Human-readable replicaset name.
  • servers: ({ServerInfo,…}) Circular reference to all instances in the replicaset.

Instance general information.


  • alias: (string) Human-readable instance name.
  • uri: (string)
  • uuid: (string)
  • disabled: (boolean)
  • status: (string) Instance health.
  • message: (string) Auxilary health status.
  • replicaset: (ReplicasetInfo) Circular reference to a replicaset.
  • priority: (number) Leadership priority for automatic failover.
  • clock_delta: (number) Difference between remote clock and the current one (inseconds), obtained from the membership module (SWIM protocol).Positive values mean remote clock are ahead of local, and viceversa.
  • zone: (string)

Get servers and replicasets lists.





(table) Error description

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