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Module cartridge.remote-control

Tarantool remote control server.

Allows to control an instance over TCP by call and eval . The server is designed as a partial replacement for the iproto protocol. It’s most useful when box.cfg wasn’t configured yet.

Other features aren’t supported and will never be.

(Added in v0.10.0-2)

Init remote control server.

Bind the port but don’t start serving connections yet.



(boolean) true



(table) Error description

Start remote control server. To connect the server use regular connection.

Access is restricted to the user with specified credentials, which can be passed as net_box.connect('username:password@host:port') .


Stop the server.

It doesn’t interrupt any existing connections.

Explicitly drop all established connections.

Close all the sockets except the one that triggered the function. The last socket will be closed when all requests are processed.

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