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The submodule provides access to information about server instance variables.

  • cluster.uuid is the UUID of the replica set. Every instance in a replica set will have the same cluster.uuid value. This value is also stored in system space.
  • gc() returns the state of the Tarantool garbage collector including the checkpoints and their consumers (users); see details here.
  • id corresponds to (see here).
  • lsn corresponds to replication.lsn (see here).
  • memory() returns the statistics about memory (see here).
  • pid is the process ID. This value is also shown by tarantool module and by the Linux command ps -A.
  • ro is true if the instance is in “read-only” mode (same as read_only in box.cfg{}), or if status is ‘orphan’.
  • signature is the sum of all lsn values from the vector clocks (vclock) of all instances in the replica set.
  • status is the current state of the instance. It can be:
    • running – the instance is loaded,
    • loading – the instance is either recovering xlogs/snapshots or bootstrapping,
    • orphan – the instance has not (yet) succeeded in joining the required number of masters (see orphan status),
    • hot_standby – the instance is standing by another instance.
  • uptime is the number of seconds since the instance started. This value can also be retrieved with tarantool.uptime().
  • uuid corresponds to replication.uuid (see here).
  • vclock corresponds to replication.downstream.vclock (see here).
  • version is the Tarantool version. This value is also shown by tarantool -V.
  • vinyl() returns runtime statistics for the vinyl storage engine. This function is deprecated, use box.stat.vinyl() instead.

Below is a list of all functions.

Name Use Return all keys and values provided in the submodule Return info about garbage collector Return info about memory usage Return statistics for all instances in the replica set
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