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Submodule box.ctl

The box.ctl submodule contains two functions: wait_ro (wait until read-only) and wait_rw (wait until read-write). The functions are useful during initialization of a server.

A particular use is for box.once(). For example, when a replica is initializing, it may call a box.once() function while the server is still in read-only mode, and fail to make changes that are necessary only once before the replica is fully initialized. This could cause conflicts between a master and a replica if the master is in read-write mode and the replica is in read-only mode. Waiting until “read only mode = false” solves this problem.

To see whether a function is already in read-only or read-write mode, check

Below is a list of all box.ctl functions.

Name Use
box.ctl.wait_ro() Wait until is true
box.ctl.wait_rw() Wait until is false
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