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CRUD operations in Tarantool are implemented by the submodule. It has the data-manipulation functions select, insert, replace, update, upsert, delete, get, put. It also has members, such as id, and whether or not a space is enabled. Submodule source code is available in file src/box/lua/schema.lua.

Below is a list of all functions and members.

Name Use
space_object:auto_increment() Generate key + Insert a tuple
space_object:bsize() Get count of bytes
space_object:count() Get count of tuples
space_object:create_index() Create an index
space_object:delete() Delete a tuple
space_object:drop() Destroy a space
space_object:format() Declare field names and types
space_object:frommap() Convert from map to tuple or table
space_object:get() Select a tuple
space_object:insert() Insert a tuple
space_object:len() Get count of tuples
space_object:on_replace() Create a replace trigger with a function that cannot change the tuple
space_object:before_replace() Create a replace trigger with a function that can change the tuple
space_object:pairs() Prepare for iterating
space_object:put() Insert or replace a tuple
space_object:rename() Rename a space
space_object:replace() / put() Insert or replace a tuple
space_object:run_triggers() Enable/disable a replace trigger
space_object:select() Select one or more tuples
space_object:truncate() Delete all tuples
space_object:update() Update a tuple
space_object:upsert() Update a tuple
space_object:user_defined() Any function / method that any user wants to add
space_object:enabled Flag, true if space is enabled
space_object:field_count Required number of fields
space_object:id Numeric identifier of space
space_object:index Container of space’s indexes (Metadata) List of replica sets (Metadata) List of function tuples (Metadata) List of indexes (Metadata) List of indexes accessible for the current user (Metadata) List of privileges (Metadata) List of privileges accessible for the current user (Metadata) List of schemas (Metadata) List of sequences (Metadata) List of sequences (Metadata) List of spaces (Metadata) List of spaces accessible for the current user (Metadata) List of users (Metadata) List of users accessible for the current user
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