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Submodule space_object:pairs()


object space_object
space_object:pairs([key[, iterator]])

Search for a tuple or a set of tuples in the given space, and allow iterating over one tuple at a time.

  • space_object (space_object) – an object reference
  • key (scalar/table) – value to be matched against the index key, which may be multi-part
  • iterator – see index_object:pairs()

iterator which can be used in a for/end loop or with totable()

Possible errors:

  • no such space;
  • wrong type.

Complexity factors: Index size, Index type.

For examples of complex pairs requests, where one can specify which index to search and what condition to use (for example “greater than” instead of “equal to”), see the later section index_object:pairs().

For information about iterators’ internal structures see the “Lua Functional library” documentation.


tarantool> s ='space33')
tarantool> -- index 'X' has default parts {1, 'unsigned'}
tarantool> s:create_index('X', {})
tarantool> s:insert{0, 'Hello my '}, s:insert{1, 'Lua world'}
- [0, 'Hello my ']
- [1, 'Lua world']
tarantool> tmp = ''
tarantool> for k, v in s:pairs() do
         >   tmp = tmp .. v[2]
         > end
tarantool> tmp
- Hello my Lua world
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