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Default value for max fiber slice

Max fiber slice specifies the max fiber execution time without yield before a warning is logged or an error is raised. It is set with the fiber.set_max_slice() function. The new compat option – fiber_slice_default – controls the default value of the max fiber slice.

The old default value for the max fiber slice is infinity (no warnings or errors). The new default value is {warn = 0.5, err = 1.0}.

At this point, no incompatible modules are known.

If you see a warning like this in the log:

fiber has not yielded for more than 0.500 seconds,

or the following error is raised unexpectedly by a box function

error: fiber slice is exceeded,

then your application has a fiber that may exceed its slice and fail.

To fix this you need to reset the fiber slice with the fiber.set_max_slice() function.

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