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Playing the contents of .snap and .xlog files to a Tarantool instance

$ tt play URI FILE ... [OPTION ...]

tt play plays the contents of snapshot (.snap) and WAL (.xlog) files to another Tarantool instance. A single call of tt play can play multiple files.

-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME

A Tarantool user for connecting to the instance.

-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD

The user’s password.

--from LSN

Play operations starting from the given LSN.

--to LSN

Play operations up to the given LSN. Default: 18446744073709551615.

--replica ID

Filter the operations by replica ID. Can be passed more than once.

When calling tt cat with filters by LSN (--from and --to flags) and replica ID (--replica), remember that LSNs differ across replicas. Thus, if you pass more than one replica ID via --from or --to, the result may not reflect the actual sequence of operations.

--space ID

Filter the output by space ID. Can be passed more than once.


Show the operations on system spaces.

tt play plays operations from .xlog and .snap files to the destination instance one by one. All data changes happen the same way as if they were performed on this instance. This means that:

  • All affected spaces must exist on the destination instance. They must have the same structure and space_id as on the instance that created the snapshot or WAL file.

    To play a snapshot or a WAL to a clean instance, include the operations on system spaces by adding the --show-system flag. With this flag, tt plays the operations that create and configure user-defined spaces.

  • The operations“ LSNs change unless you play all operations that took place since the instance startup.

  • Replica IDs change in accordance with the destination instance configuration.

Use one of the following ways to pass the username and the password when connecting to the instance:

  • The -u (--username) and -p (--password) options:

    $ tt play 00000000000000000000.xlog -u myuser -p p4$$w0rD
  • The connection string:

    $ tt play myuser:p4$$w0rD@ 00000000000000000000.xlog
  • Environment variables TT_CLI_USERNAME and TT_CLI_PASSWORD:

    $ export TT_CLI_USERNAME=myuser
    $ export TT_CLI_PASSWORD=p4$$w0rD
    $ tt play 00000000000000000000.xlog

  • Play the contents of 00000000000000000000.xlog to the instance on

    $ tt play 00000000000000000000.xlog
  • Play operations on spaces with space_id 512 and 513 from the 00000000000000000012.snap snapshot file:

    $ tt play 00000000000000000012.snap --space 512 --space 513
  • Play the contents of 00000000000000000000.xlog including operations on system spaces:

    $ tt play 00000000000000000000.xlog --show-system
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