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Downloading Tarantool Enterprise SDK

$ tt download VERSION [OPTION ...]

tt download downloads Tarantool Enterprise SDK from the customer zone.

The VERSION is a part of the SDK archive name between tarantool-enterprise-sdk- and the platform identifier. For example, to download tarantool-enterprise-sdk-gc64-3.0.0-0-gf58f7d82a-r23.linux.x86_64.tar.gz, run:

$ tt download gc64-3.0.0-0-gf58f7d82a-r23

tt automatically chooses the bundle for the current platform.

To download the Tarantool Enterprise SDK using tt download, you need to provide access credentials for the Tarantool customer zone. Use one of the following ways to pass the username and the password:

  • A text file specified in the ee.credential_path parameter of the tt environment configuration:

    # tt.yaml
    # ...
      credential_path: cred.txt

    cred.txt should contain a username and a password on separate lines:
  • Environment variables TT_CLI_EE_USERNAME and TT_CLI_EE_PASSWORD:

    $ export
    $ export TT_CLI_EE_PASSWORD=p4$$w0rD
    $ tt download gc64-3.0.0-0-gf58f7d82a-r23


Download a development build.

--directory-prefix STRING

The downloaded SDK location. Default: . (current directory).

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