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Tarantool 2.7.2

Released on 2021-04-21.

  • Release v. 2.7.2.
  • Tagged 2.7.2-0-g4d8c068

2.7.2 is the first stable version of the 2.7 release series. It introduces 15 improvements and resolves 30 bugs since version 2.7.1.

The “stable” label means that we have all planned features implemented and we see no high-impact issues. However, if you encounter an issue, feel free to report it on GitHub.

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in the binary data layout, client-server protocol, and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • Introduced the concept of WAL queue and the new configuration option wal_queue_max_size, measured in bytes. The default value is 16 Mb. The option helps limit the pace at which replica submits new transactions to the WAL. The limit is checked every time a transaction from the master is submitted to the replica’s WAL. The space taken by the transaction is considered empty once it’s successfully written (gh-5536).

  • Introduced the box.ctl.promote() function and the concept of manual elections (enabled with election_mode='manual') (gh-3055).

    Once the instance is in the manual election mode, it acts like a voter most of the time, but may trigger elections and become a leader when box.ctl.promote() is called. When election_mode ~= 'manual', box.ctl.promote() replaces box.ctl.clear_synchro_queue(), which is now deprecated.

  • Tarantool build infrastructure now requires CMake version 3.1 or later.
  • Binary packages for Fedora 33 are now available (gh-5502) .
  • Binary packages for CentOS 6 and Debian Jessie won’t be published since this version.
  • RPM and DEB packages no longer have the autotools dependency (follows up gh-4968).
  • Regular testing on MacOS 10.13 has been disabled, effectively stopping the support of this version.
  • The built-in zstd is upgraded from v1.3.3 to v1.4.8 (part of gh-5502).
  • SMTP and SMTPS protocols are now enabled in the bundled libcurl (gh-4559).
  • The libcurl headers are now shipped to system path ${PREFIX}/include/tarantool when libcurl is included as a bundled library or in a static build (gh-4559).

  • Tarantool CI/CD has migrated to GitHub Actions (gh-5662).
  • Single node Jepsen testing now runs on per-push basis (gh-5736).
  • A self-sufficient LuaJIT testing environment has been implemented. As a result, LuaJIT build system is now partially ported to CMake and all testing machinery is enclosed within the tarantool/luajit repository (gh-4862, gh-5470).
  • Python 3 is now the default in the test infrastructure (gh-5652).

  • The index part options are no longer skipped when the field type is not specified (gh-5674).
  • The lbox_ctl_is_recovery_finished() function no longer returns true when recovery is still in progress.
  • A memory corruption bug has been fixed in netbox. The memory of a struct error which is still used will no longer be freed prematurely because of the wrong order of ffi.gc and ffi.cast calls.
  • Relay can no longer time out while a replica is joining or syncing with the master. (gh-5762).
  • An issue with missing «path» value of index schema fetched by netbox has been fixed (gh-5451).
  • Extensive usage of uri and uuid modules with debug log level no longer leads to crashes or corrupted results of the functions from these modules. Same problem is resolved for using these modules from the callbacks passed to ffi.gc(), and for some functions from the modules fio, box.tuple, and iconv (gh-5632).
  • The new wal_cleanup_delay option can prevent early cleanup of *.xlog files, needed by replicas. Such cleanup used to result in a XlogGapError (gh-5806).
  • Appliers will no longer cause errors with Unknown request type 40 during a final join when the master has synchronous spaces (gh-5566).
  • Added memtx MVCC tracking of read gaps which fixes the problem of phantom reads (gh-5628).
  • Fixed the wrong result of using space:count() with memtx MVCC (gh-5972).
  • Fixed the dirty read after restart while using MVCC with synchronous replication (gh-5973).

  • Fixed an issue with an applier hanging on a replica after failing to process a CONFIRM or ROLLBACK message coming from a master.
  • Fixed the issue where master did not send some rows to an anonymous replica which had fallen behind and was trying to register.
  • Fixed the bug when a synchronous transaction could be confirmed and visible on a replica, but then not confirmed or invisible again after restart. It was more likely to happen on memtx spaces with memtx_use_mvcc_engine enabled (gh-5213).
  • Fixed the recovery of a rolled back multi-statement synchronous transaction which could lead to the transaction being applied partially, and to recovery errors. It happened in case the transaction worked with non-sync spaces (gh-5874).
  • Fixed a bug in synchronous replication when rolled back transactions could reappear after reconnecting a sufficiently old instance (gh-5445).

  • Fixed an issue where <swim_instance>:broadcast() did not work on non-local addresses and spammed «Permission denied» errors to the log. After instance termination it could return a non-0 exit code even if there were no errors in the script, and then spam the same error again (gh-5864).
  • Fixed the crash on attempts to call swim:member_by_uuid() with no arguments or with nil/box.NULL (gh-5951).
  • Fixed the crash on attempts to pass an object of a wrong type to __serialize method of a swim member in Lua (gh-5952).

  • Lua stack resizing no longer results in a wrong behaviour of the memory profiler (gh-5842).
  • Fixed a double gc_cdatanum decrementing in LuaJIT platform metrics which occurred when a finalizer was set for a GCсdata object (gh-5820).

  • Fixed the -e option, when tarantool used to enter the interactive mode when stdin is a TTY. Now, tarantool -e 'print"Hello"' doesn’t enter the interactive mode, but just prints «Hello» and exits (gh-5040).
  • Fixed a leak of a tuple object in key_def:compare_with_key(tuple, key), which had occurred when the serialization of the key failed (gh-5388).

  • The string received by a user-defined C or Lua function will no longer be different from the string passed to the function. This could happen when the string passed from SQL had contained \\0 (gh-5938).
  • SQL SELECT or SQL UPDATE on UUID or DECIMAL field will not cause a SEGMENTATION FAULT anymore (gh-5011, gh-5704, gh-5913).
  • Fixed an issue with wrong results of SELECT with GROUP BY which occurred when one of the selected values was VARBINARY and not directly obtained from the space (gh-5890).

  • Fix building on FreeBSD (incomplete definition of type struct sockaddr) (gh-5748).

  • The already downloaded static build dependencies will not be fetched repeatedly (gh-5761).

  • Recovering with force_recovery option now deletes vylog files which are newer than the snapshot. It helps an instance recover after incidents during a checkpoint (gh-5823).

  • Fixed the libcurl configuring when Tarantool itself has been configured with cmake3 command and there was no cmake command in the PATH (gh-5955).

    This affects building Tarantool from sources with bundled libcurl (it is the default mode).

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