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Using the LuaRocks package manager


tt rocks provides means to manage Lua modules (rocks) via the LuaRocks package manager. tt uses its own LuaRocks installation connected to the Tarantool rocks repository.

Below are lists of supported LuaRocks flags and commands. For detailed information on their usage, refer to LuaRocks documentation.


Enable the sub-repositories in rocks servers for rockspecs of in-development versions.


Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server (takes priority over config file).


Fetch rocks/rockspecs from this server only (overrides any entries in the config file).


Restrict downloads to paths matching the given URL.


Specify which Lua installation to use


Specify which Lua version to use.


Specify which tree to operate on.


Use the tree in the user’s home directory. Call tt rocks help path to learn how to enable it.


Use the system tree when local_by_default is true.


Display verbose output for the command executed.


Timeout on network operations, in seconds. 0 means no timeout (wait forever). Default: 30.

admin Use the luarocks-admin tool
build Build and compile a rock
config Query information about the LuaRocks configuration
doc Show documentation for an installed rock
download Download a specific rock file from a rocks server
help Help on commands. Type tt rocks help <command> for more
init Initialize a directory for a Lua project using LuaRocks
install Install a rock
lint Check syntax of a rockspec
list List the currently installed rocks
make Compile package in the current directory using a rockspec
make_manifest Compile a manifest file for a repository
new_version Auto-write a rockspec for a new version of a rock
pack Create a rock, packing sources or binaries
purge Remove all installed rocks from a tree
remove Uninstall a rock
search Query the LuaRocks servers
show Show information about an installed rock
test Run the test suite in the current directory
unpack Unpack the contents of a rock
which Tell which file corresponds to a given module name
write_rockspec Write a template for a rockspec file

  • Install the rock queue from the Tarantool rocks repository:

    $ tt rocks install queue
  • Search for the rock queue in both the Tarantool rocks repository and the default LuaRocks repository:

    $ tt rocks search queue --server=''
  • List the documentation files for the installed rock queue:

    $ tt rocks doc queue --list

    Without the --list flag, this command displays documentation in the user’s default browser.

  • Create a *.rock file from the installed rock queue:

    $ tt rocks pack queue
  • Unpack a *.rock file:

    $ tt rocks unpack queue-scm-1.all.rock
  • Remove the installed rock queue:

    $ tt rocks remove queue
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