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Working with replicasets

# or

tt replicaset (or tt rs) manages a Tarantool replica set.

COMMAND is one of the following:

$ tt replicaset status {APPLICATION[:APP_INSTANCE] | URI} [OPTIONS ...]
# or
$ tt rs status  {APPLICATION[:APP_INSTANCE] | URI} [OPTIONS ...]

tt replicaset status (tt rs status) shows the current status of a replica set.

To view the status of all replica sets of an application in the current tt environment, run tt replicaset status with the application name:

$ tt replicaset status myapp

To view the status of a single replica set of an application, run tt replicaset status with a name or a URI of an instance from this replica set:

$ tt replicaset status myapp:storage-001-a

For a replica outside the current tt environment, specify its URI and access credentials:

$ tt replicaset status -u myuser -p p4$$w0rD

Learn about other ways to provide user credentials in Authentication.

Use one of the following ways to pass the credentials of a Tarantool user when connecting to the instance:

  • The -u (--username) and -p (--password) options:

    $ tt replicaset status -u myuser -p p4$$w0rD
  • The connection string:

    $ tt replicaset status myuser:p4$$w0rD@
  • Environment variables TT_CLI_USERNAME and TT_CLI_PASSWORD:

    $ export TT_CLI_USERNAME=myuser
    $ export TT_CLI_PASSWORD=p4$$w0rD
    $ tt replicaset status

You can specify the orchestrator to use for the application using the following options:

  • --config for applications that use YAML cluster configuration (Tarantool 3.x or later).
  • --cartridge for Cartridge applications (Tarantool 2.x).
  • --custom for any other orchestrators used on Tarantool 2.x clusters.
$ tt replicaset status myapp --config
$ tt replicaset status my-cartridge-app --cartridge

If an actual orchestrator that the application uses does not match the specified option, an error is raised.


Force the Cartridge orchestrator for Tarantool 2.x clusters.


Force the YAML configuration orchestrator for Tarantool 3.0 or later clusters.


Force a custom orchestrator for Tarantool 2.x clusters.

-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME

A Tarantool user for connecting to the instance.

-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD

The user’s password.

--sslcertfile FILEPATH

The path to an SSL certificate file for encrypted connections.

--sslkeyfile FILEPATH

The path to a private SSL key file for encrypted connections.

--sslcafile FILEPATH

The path to a trusted certificate authorities (CA) file for encrypted connections.

--sslciphers STRING

The list of SSL cipher suites used for encrypted connections, separated by colons (:).

tt replicaset promote (tt rs promote) promotes an instance.

tt replicaset demote (tt rs demote) demotes an instance.

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