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To install the tt command-line utility, use a package manager – Yum or APT on Linux, or Homebrew on macOS. If you need a specific build, you can build tt from sources.


A Tarantool Enterprise Edition’s release package includes the tt utility extended with additional features like importing and exporting data.

On Linux systems, you can install tt with yum or apt package managers from the tarantool/modules repository. Learn how to add this repository.

The installation command looks like this:

  • On Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get install tt
  • On CentOS:

    $ sudo yum install tt

On macOS, use Homebrew to install tt:

$ brew install tt

To build tt from sources:

  1. Install third-party software required for building tt:
  1. Clone the tarantool/tt repository:

    git clone --recursive
  2. Go to the tt directory:

    cd tt
  3. (Optional) Checkout a release tag to build a specific version:

    git checkout tags/v1.0.0
  4. Build tt using mage:

    mage build

tt will appear in the current directory.

To enable the completion for tt commands, run the following command specifying the shell (bash or zsh):

. <(tt completion bash)
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