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If you created a database with an older Tarantool version and have now installed a newer version, make the request box.schema.upgrade(). This updates Tarantool system spaces to match the currently installed version of Tarantool. You can learn about the general upgrade process from the Upgrades topic.

For example, here is what happens when you run box.schema.upgrade() with a database created with Tarantool version 1.6.4 to version 1.7.2 (only a small part of the output is shown):

tarantool> box.schema.upgrade()
alter index primary on _space set options to {"unique":true}, parts to [[0,"unsigned"]]
alter space _schema set options to {}
create view _vindex...
grant read access to 'public' role for _vindex view
set schema version to 1.7.0

You can also put the request box.schema.upgrade() inside a box.once() function in your Tarantool initialization file. On startup, this will create new system spaces, update data type names (for example, num -> unsigned, str -> string) and options in Tarantool system spaces.

See also: box.schema.downgrade()

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