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Tarantool 2.10.5

Released on 2023-02-20.

2.10.5 is the sixth stable version of the 2.10 release series. It introduces 5 improvements and resolves 44 bugs since 2.10.4.

The “stable” label means that we have all planned features implemented and we see no high-impact issues. However, if you encounter an issue, feel free to report it on GitHub.

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in the binary data layout, client-server protocol, and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • Introduced the _vspace_sequence system space view of the _space_sequence system space (gh-7858).
  • The log produced during box.cfg{} now contains the build target triplet (for example, Linux-x86_64-RelWithDebInfo).

  • OpenSUSE 15.1 and 15.2 are no longer supported.
  • Updated libcurl to version 7.87.0 (gh-8150).
  • Alpine Linux 3.16 is now supported.

  • Fixed a bug in fiber switching that could lead to a segmentation fault error on AArch64 systems (gh-7523, gh-7985).
  • Fixed wrong CPU architecture reported in tarantool.build.target on M1/M2 Macs (gh-7495).
  • Fixed a bug when fields could be removed from a table stored in a variable when a logging function was called on this variable (for example, log.info(a)) (gh-3853).
  • Fixed a logging bug: when logging tables with fields that have reserved internal names (such as pid) in the plain log format, such fields weren’t logged (gh-3853).
  • Added the message field when logging tables without such field in the JSON log format (gh-3853).
  • Fixed an assertion on malformed JSON message written to the log (gh-7955).
  • Fixed the bug because of which box.session.on_auth triggers were not invoked if the authenticated user didn’t exist (gh-8017).
  • Eliminated the possibility of user enumeration by analyzing errors sent in reply to malformed authentication requests (ghs-21).
  • Fixed a bug when Tarantool could execute random bytes as a Lua code after fork on systems with a glibc version earlier than 2.29 (gh-7886).
  • A referenced space or a function being used in a constraint can now be dropped in the same transaction with the referencing constraint or space (gh-7339).
  • Fixed Tarantool being stuck during a crash on macOS (gh-8023).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented collection of crash reports (gh-8083).
  • Fixed a crash in net.box that happened if the error message raised by the server contained printf formatting specifiers, such as %d or %s (gh-8043).
  • Fixed read-only statements executing successfully in transactions that were aborted by yield or timeout. Now, read-only statements fail in this case, just like write statements (gh-8123).
  • Fixed a transaction conflict reported mistakenly when a key was deleted twice with MVCC engine enabled (gh-8122).
  • net.box connections now contain information about sequences used by remote spaces (gh-7858).
  • Fixed a crash that happened if a transaction was aborted (for example, by fiber yield with MVCC off) while the space’s on_replace or before_replace trigger was running (gh-8027).
  • Fixed a possible crash when attempting to update the same field in tuple/space/index:update() more than once (gh-8216).
  • Fixed empty BITSET indexes crashing on len calls (gh-5809).
  • Fixed a crash when functional indexes were used with very specific chunk size (gh-6786).

  • Fixed a possible repeatable read violation with reverse iterators (gh-7755).
  • Fixed a crash on series of transactions in memtx (gh-7756).
  • Fixed a phantom read that could happen after reads from different indexes followed by a rollback (gh-7828).
  • Fixed an assert in the MVCC engine (gh-7945).
  • Fixed an assertion failure in MVCC during statement preparation (gh-8104).
  • Fixed possible loss of a committed tuple after rollback of a prepared transaction (gh-7930).

  • Fixed a bug that could result in select() skipping an existing tuple after a rolled back delete() (gh-7947).

  • Fixed local space writes failing with error Found uncommitted sync transactions from other instance with id 1 when synchronous transaction queue belongs to another instance and isn’t empty (gh-7592).
  • Fixed an assertion failure on master when a replica resubscribes with a smaller vclock than previously seen (gh-5158).
  • A warning is now raised when replica_id is changed by a before_replace trigger while adding a new replica. Previously, there was an assertion checking this (gh-7846).
  • Fixed a segmentation fault that happened when a before_replace trigger set on space _cluster returned nil (gh-7846).
  • Fixed possible transaction conflict errors on applying a replication stream (gh-8121).

  • Fixed an assertion failure in case when an election candidate is reconfigured to a voter during an ongoning WAL write (gh-8169).
  • Fixed nodes configured with election_mode = "manual" sometimes increasing the election term excessively after their promotion (gh-8168).

Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-7230). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Fix io.close() for already closed standard output.
  • Fix trace execution and stitching inside vmevent handler (gh-6782).
  • Fixed emit_loadi() on x86/x64 emitting xor between condition check and jump instructions.
  • Fix stack top for error message when raising the OOM error (gh-3840).
  • Enabled external unwinding on several LuaJIT platforms. Now it is possible to handle ABI exceptions from Lua code (gh-6096).
  • Disabled math.modf compilation due to its rare usage and difficulties with proper implementation of the corresponding JIT machinery.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour on signed zeros for JIT-compiled unary minus (gh-6976).
  • Fixed IR_HREF hash calculations for non-string GC objects for GC64.
  • Fixed assembling of type-check-only variant of IR_SLOAD.
  • Enabled the platform profiler for Tarantool built with GC64 mode (gh-7919).
  • Added full-range lightuserdata support to the luajit-gdb.py extension (gh-6481).

Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-8069). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Fixed loop realigment for dual-number mode
  • Fixed os.date() for wider libc strftime() compatibility.
  • Fix interval parsing for sysprof for dual-number mode.

  • Fixed alias detection in the YAML serializer in case the input contains objects that implement the __serialize meta method (gh-8240).

  • Fixed a bug when collation could change the type of a built-in function argument (gh-7992).
  • Fixed several bugs happening because of improper handling of malloc() failures (ghs-65, ghs-66, ghs-67, ghs-68).

  • Fixed a possible error during rollback of read-only transaction statements (gh-5501).
  • Fixed a bug in space_object:create_index() when collation option is not set. Now it is inherited from the space format (gh-5104).
  • Eliminated a code injection vulnerability in the processing of the replication_synchro_quorum box.cfg() option (ghs-20, GHSA-74jr-2fq7-vp42).

  • Fixed a segmentation fault that happened when the value passed to the %f modifier of datetime_object:format() was too big (ghs-31).

  • Fixed the assertion fail in cord_on_yield (gh-6647).

  • Fixed an incorrect facility value in syslog on Alpine and OpenBSD (gh-8269).

  • Fixed -Werror build fail on Clang 15 (gh-8110).
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