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Submodule box.iproto

Since 2.11.0.

The box.iproto submodule provides the ability to work with the network subsystem of Tarantool. It allows you to extend the IPROTO functionality from Lua. With this submodule, you can:

The submodule exports all IPROTO constants and features to Lua.

IPROTO constants in the box.iproto namespace are written in uppercase letters without the IPROTO_ prefix. The constants are divided into several groups:

Each group is located in the corresponding subnamespace without the prefix. For example:

box.iproto.key.SYNC = 0x01
-- ...
box.iproto.type.SELECT = 1
-- ...
box.iproto.flag.COMMIT = 1
-- ...
box.iproto.ballot_key.VCLOCK = 2
-- ...
box.iproto.metadata_key.IS_NULLABLE = 3
-- ...
box.iproto.raft_key.TERM = 0
-- ...

The submodule exports:


The example converts the feature names from box.iproto.protocol_features set into codes:

-- Features supported by the server
box.iproto.protocol_features = {
    streams = true,
    transactions = true,
    error_extension = true,
    watchers = true,
    pagination = true,

-- Convert the feature names into codes
features = {}
for name in pairs(box.iproto.protocol_features) do
    table.insert(features, box.iproto.feature[name])
return features -- [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]

Every IPROTO request has a static handler. That is, before version 2.11.0, any unknown request raised an error. Since 2.11.0, a new request type is introduced – IPROTO_UNKNOWN. This type is used to override the handlers of the unknown IPROTO request types. For details, see box.iproto.override() and box_iproto_override functions.

The table lists all available functions and data of the submodule:

Name Use
box.iproto.key Request keys
box.iproto.type Request types
box.iproto.flag Flags from the IPROTO_FLAGS key
box.iproto.ballot_key Keys from the IPROTO_BALLOT requests
box.iproto.metadata_key Keys nested in the IPROTO_METADATA key
box.iproto.raft Keys from the IPROTO_RAFT_ requests
box.iproto.protocol_version The current IPROTO protocol version
box.iproto.protocol_features The set of supported IPROTO protocol features
box.iproto.feature IPROTO protocol features
box.iproto.override() Set a new IPROTO request handler callback for the given request type
box.iproto.send() Send an IPROTO packet over the session’s socket
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