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Примечания к версиям Enterprise SDK changelog

Enterprise SDK changelog

A Tarantool Enterprise SDK version consists of two parts:


For example: 2.11.1-0-gc42d9735b-r589.

  • TARANTOOL_BASE_VERSION is the Community version which the Enterprise version is based on.
  • REVISION is the SDK revision. Besides Tarantool itself, it includes the tt utility, a set of open and closed source modules, and examples. Learn more from Package contents.

  • Updated crud to 1.4.3.
  • Updated luatest to 1.0.1.
  • Updated migrations to 0.7.0.
  • Updated tt-ee to 2.1.2.

  • Updated cartridge to 2.8.5.
  • Updated crud to 1.4.2.
  • Added frontend-core 8.2.2.
  • Updated membership to 2.4.2.
  • Updated sideservice to 0.2.0.
  • Updated tt-ee to 2.1.1.
  • Updated vshard to 0.1.26.

  • Updated httpgo to 0.2.1.
  • Added httpgo-crud 0.1.0.
  • Updated tarantool-2.11 to 2.11.2.

  • Updated tarantool-master to 3.0.0-beta1.

  • Updated cartridge-cli to 2.12.9.
  • Updated tt-ee to 1.3.1.

  • Updated tt-ee to 1.3.0.
  • Updated cartridge to 2.8.3.
  • Updated cartridge-cli-extensions to 1.1.2.
  • Updated crud to 1.3.0.
  • Updated queue to 1.3.3.
  • Updated sharded-queue to 0.1.1.
  • Updated membership to 2.4.1.
  • Added tests for Astra Linux 1.7.

  • Updated tarantool-2.10 to 2.10.8.
  • Updated tarantool-master to 3.0.0-alpha3.
  • Updated migrations to 0.6.0.
  • Updated tt-ee to 1.2.0.
  • Updated space-explorer to 1.1.8.
  • Updated cartridge-metrics-role to 0.1.1.
  • Updated cartridge to 2.8.2.
  • Updated expirationd to 1.5.0.
  • Added sideservice 0.1.0.

  • Updated cartridge-cli to 2.12.7.
  • Updated tarantool-2.11 to 2.11.1.

  • Updated tarantool-2.10 to 2.10.7.
  • Updated tarantool-2.11 to 2.11.0.
  • Added kafka 1.6.6.
  • Added vshard 0.1.24.
  • Added metrics 1.0.0.
  • Added cartridge-metrics-role 0.1.0.
  • Added cartridge 2.8.0.
  • Added http 1.5.0.

  • Added tt-ee and tt environment configuration.
  • Added crud 1.1.1.
  • Added avro-schema 3.1.1.
  • Added expirationd 1.4.0.
  • Added graphql 0.3.0.
  • Added graphqlapi 0.0.10.
  • Added metrics 0.17.0.
  • Added migrations 0.5.0.
  • Added oracle 1.4.0.
  • Added cartridge 2.7.9.
  • Added vshard 0.1.23.
  • Added kafka 1.6.5.

  • Updated tarantool-2.10 to 2.10.6.

  • Updated tarantool-2.11 to 2.11.0-rc2.

  • Added the tarantool-2.11 submodule.

  • Updated tarantool-1.10 to 1.10.15.

  • Updated tarantool-master to 3.0.0-entrypoint.

  • Updated tarantool-2.10 to 2.10.5.

  • Updated tarantool-2.8 to apply 2 hotfixes.

  • Fix non-interactive installation of the brew package.
  • Changed the owner of the /usr/local/bin directory.
  • Installed awscli@1 instead of awscli since it takes much less time.

  • Added the missing property 2.10 for scope CACHE in CMakeLists.txt.

  • Added expirationd 1.3.1.

  • Use runners with label regular for builds and the tagged release workflow.

  • Upgraded devtoolset from 8 to 9. It was required for upgrading ld from 2.30 to 2.31+ for LTO.

  • Updated tarantool’s master branch to a recent revision.

  • Fixed code style in the Linux and macOS workflows.

  • Reliably install packages in macOS builds.

  • Refactored the way that GC64 builds are defined in the build workflow. There are no changes to the composition of resulting bundles.

  • Added alerting failures in builds on stable branches and integration testing to VK Teams chats.

  • Updated to fresh tarantool master (2.11.0-entrypoint-107-ga18449d)

  • Outdated workflow runs are now canceled to save CI time.

Release SDK by tags:

  • Run workflow in SDK docker container.
  • Upload SDK files for 1.10, 2.8, 2.10 versions to release folder.
  • Add consistency check for all versions.

  • On feature branches, SDK is now rebuilt only on relevant changes.

  • Updated Tarantool EE to 2.10.4.

  • Updated bundled OpenSSL to version 1.1.1q.

  • Removed support of Tarantool 2.7.
  • Started using tarantool/actions/prepare-checkout to make builds more stable.

  • Remove the local registry and setup using GitHub registry.
  • Sync rocks cache to s3 and back.
  • Setup using shared runners.
  • Refactor and format ci-linux.yml and ci-macos.yml.

  • Removed kafka 1.5.0 due to a build issue with Tarantool 2.10.3 and higher.
  • Updated kafka to version 1.6.2.

  • Updated tuple-keydef to version 0.0.3.

  • Enabled parallel build of rocks for macOS in CI.

  • Updated Tarantool to 2.10.3.
  • Added a readable error for the case when the flight recoder fails to write data due to insufficient free space on the disk device. Previously, it was sending a SIGBUS error (gh-196).
  • Fixed a crash in the flight recorder caused by non-thread-safe log recording from multiple threads (gh-226).

  • Updated Tarantool to 2.10.2.
  • Increased resolution of stored entries in flight recorder (gh-193).
  • Fixed a bug in the flight recorder that resulted in skipping log entries in case box.cfg.log_level is less than flightrec_log_level (gh-201).

  • Updated Tarantool to 2.10.1.
  • Updated Cyrus SASL to version 2.1.28.
  • Updated OpenLDAP to version 2.5.13.
  • Updated LZ4 to version 1.9.3. Fixed CVE-2021-3520.
  • Fixed replication reconnect failure after disabling SSL encryption (gh-137).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while tyring to start an instance that has a compressed memtx space (gh-171).
  • Fixed CVE-2022-29242 in GOST SSL engine.
  • Fixed a bug in the flight recorder reader implementation that resulted in a hang or error while trying to open an empty section (gh-187).

  • Default audit log format was changed to CSV.

  • Implemented user-defined audit events. Now it’s possible to log custom messages to the audit log from Lua (gh-65).
  • [Breaking change] Switched the default audit log format to CSV. The format can be switched back to JSON using the new box.cfg.audit_format configuration option (gh-66).
  • Implemented the audit log filter. Now, it’s possible to enable logging only for a subset of all audit events using the new box.cfg.audit_filter configuration option (gh-67).

  • Implement constraints and foreign keys. Now a user can create function constraints and foreign key relations (gh-6436).
  • Changed log level of some information messages from critical to info (gh-4675).
  • Added predefined system events: box.status, box.id, box.election and box.schema (gh-6260).
  • Introduced transaction isolation levels in Lua and IPROTO (gh-6930).

  • Disabled the deferred DELETE optimization in Vinyl to avoid possible performance degradation of secondary index reads. Now, to enable the optimization, one has to set the defer_deletes flag in space options (gh-4501).

  • Added support of console autocompletion for net.box objects stream and future (gh-6305).

  • Parse method to allow converting string literals in extended iso-8601
    or rfc3339 formats (gh-6731).
  • The range of supported years has been extended in all parsers to cover
    fully -5879610-06-22..5879611-07-11 (gh-6731).

  • Added bundling of GNU libunwind to support backtrace feature on AARCH64 architecture and distributives that don’t provide libunwind package.
  • Re-enabled backtrace feature for all RHEL distributions by default, except for AARCH64 architecture and ancient GCC versions, which lack compiler features required for backtrace (gh-4611).

  • Disabled audit log unless explicitly configured (gh-39). Before this change, audit events were written to stderr if box.cfg.audit_log wasn’t set. Now, audit log is disabled in this case.
  • Disabled audit logging of replicated events (gh-59). Now, replicated events (for example, user creation) are logged only on the origin, never on a replica.

  • Banned DDL operations in space on_replace triggers, since they could lead to a crash (gh-6920).
  • Fixed a bug due to which all fibers created with fiber_attr_setstacksize() leaked until the thread exit. Their stacks also leaked except when fiber_set_joinable(..., true) was used.
  • Fixed a crash in mvcc connected with secondary index conflict (gh-6452).
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in wrong space count (gh-6421).
  • Select in RO transaction now reads confirmed data, like a standalone (auotcommit) select does (gh-6452).

  • Fixed potential obsolete data write in synchronious replication due to race in accessing terms while disk write operation is in progress and not yet completed.
  • Fixed replicas failing to bootstrap when master is just re-started (gh-6966).

  • Fixed the behavior of tarantool console on SIGINT. Now Ctrl+C discards the current input and prints the new prompt (gh-2717).

  • Fixed assertion or segfault when MP_EXT received via net.box (gh-6766).
  • Now ROUND() properly support INTEGER and DECIMAL as the first argument (gh-6988).

  • Intervals received after datetime arithmetic operations may be improperly normalized if result was negative

    tarantool> date.now() - date.now()
    - -1.000026000 seconds

    I.e. 2 immediately called date.now() produce very close values, whose difference should be close to 0, not 1 second (gh-6882).

  • Changed the type of the error returned by net.box on timeout from ClientError to TimedOut (gh-6144).

  • Fixed some binary protocol encryption bugs.
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