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Class luatest.runner

Class to run test suite.


Check that string matches the name of a test method. Default rule is that is starts with „test“


  • s:

Main entrypoint to run test suite.


  • args: (tab) List of CLI arguments (default $(def))
  • options:
    • verbosity: (int) (optional)
    • fail_fast: (bool) (default $(def))
    • output_file_name: (string) Filename for JUnit report (optional)
    • exe_repeat: (int) Times to repeat each test (optional)
    • exe_repeat_group: (int) Times to repeat each group of tests (optional)
    • tests_pattern: (tab) Patterns to filter tests (optional)
    • tests_names: (tab) List of test names or groups to run (optional)
    • paths: (tab) List of directories to load tests from. (default $(def))
    • load_tests: (func) Function to load tests. Called once for every item in paths . (optional)
    • shuffle: (string) Shuffle method (none, all, group) (default $(def))
    • seed: (int) Random seed for shuffle (optional)
    • output: (string) Output formatter (text, tap, junit, nil) (default $(def))

Split into and method . Returns nil, input if input value does not have a dot.


  • someName:

Exrtact all test methods from group.


  • group:
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