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Sometimes you need to highlight a piece of information. For this purpose we use admonitions.

In Tarantool we have 3 variants of css-style for admonitions:

  • Note:

    ..  note::


    This is a note. We use it to highlight extra information that might be helpful for users.

    For example, here we provide a user with extra information about using function.

  • Warning:

    ..  warning::


    This is a warning. As you might guess, we use it to warn users about something.

    For example, in the description of box.session.on_connect() trigger we warn a user about some consequences of his actions.

  • Important:

    ..  important::


    This block contains essential information that the user should know while doing something.

    For example, the block in Getting Started with Docker is used to warn the user against closing the terminal window.

  • Custom admonition:

    ..  admonition:: Your title
        :class: fact

    Your title

    This is a fact. fact is our custom CSS class. Use it when neither note nor warning doesn’t fit.

    Note that this type requires a title.

    For example, here we highlight the rules that are necessary to read, and that’s why we use fact.

The docutils documentation offers many more variants for admonitions, but for now these three are enough for us. If you think that it is time to create the new style for some of these types, feel free to contribute or contact us to create a task.

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