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tt CLI utility

tt is a utility that provides a unified command-line interface for managing Tarantool-based applications. It covers a wide range of tasks – from installing a specific Tarantool version to managing remote instances and developing applications.

tt is developed in its own GitHub repository. Here you can find its source code, changelog, and releases information.

This section provides instructions on tt installation and configuration, concept explanation, and the tt command reference.

The key aspect of the tt usage is an environment. A tt environment is a directory that includes a tt configuration, Tarantool installations, application files, and other resources. If you’re familiar with Python virtual environments, you can think of tt environments as their analog.

tt environments enable independent management of multiple Tarantool applications, each running on its own Tarantool version and configuration, on a single host in an isolated manner.

To create a tt environment in a directory, run tt init in it.

tt supports Tarantool applications that run on multiple instances. For example, you can write an application that includes different source files for storage and router instances. With tt, you can start and stop them in a single call, or manage each instance independently.

Learn more about working with multi-instance applications in Multi-instance applications.

A multi-purpose tool for working with Tarantool from the command line, tt has come to replace tarantoolctl and Cartridge CLI command-line utilities. The instructions on migration to tt are provided on the corresponding documentation pages: tarantoolctl and Cartridge CLI.

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