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First of all, see a similar guide in the Tarantool manual. Below you can find other Cartridge-specific problems considered.

Editing clusterwide configuration in WebUI returns an error


  • NetboxConnectError: "localhost:3302": Connection refused;
  • Prepare2pcError: Instance state is OperationError, can't apply config in this state.

The root problem: all cluster instances are equal, and all of them store a copy of clusterwide configuration, which must be the same. If an instance degrades (can’t accept new configuration) – the quorum is lost. This prevents further configuration modifications to avoid inconsistency.

But sometimes inconsistency is needed to repair the system, at least partially and temporarily. It can be achieved by disabling degraded instances.


  1. Connect to the console of the alive instance.

    tarantoolctl connect user:password@instance_advertise_uri
  2. Inspect what’s going on.

    cartridge = require('cartridge')
    report = {}
    for _, srv in pairs(cartridge.admin_get_servers()) do
        report[srv.uuid] = {uri = srv.uri, status = srv.status, message = srv.message}
    return report
  3. If you’re ready to proceed, run the following snippet. It’ll disable all instances which are not healthy. After that, you can use the WebUI as usual.

    disable_list = {}
    for uuid, srv in pairs(report) do
        if srv.status ~= 'healthy' then
           table.insert(disable_list, uuid)
    return cartridge.admin_disable_servers(disable_list)
  4. When it’s necessary to bring disabled instances back, re-enable them in a similar manner:

    cartridge = require('cartridge')
    enable_list = {}
    for _, srv in pairs(cartridge.admin_get_servers()) do
        if srv.disabled then
           table.insert(enable_list, srv.uuid)
    return cartridge.admin_enable_servers(enable_list)

An instance is stuck in the ConnectingFullmesh state upon restart



The root problem: after restart, the instance tries to connect to all its replicas and remains in the ConnectingFullmesh state until it succeeds. If it can’t (due to replica URI unavailability or for any other reason) – it’s stuck forever.


Set the replication_connect_quorum option to zero. It may be accomplished in two ways:

  • By restarting it with the corresponding option set (in environment variables or in the instance configuration file);

  • Or without restart – by running the following one-liner:

    echo "box.cfg({replication_connect_quorum = 0})" | tarantoolctl connect <advertise_uri>

I want to run an instance with a new advertise_uri

The root problem: advertise_uri parameter is persisted in the clusterwide configuration. Even if it changes upon restart, the rest of the cluster keeps using the old one, and the cluster may behave in an odd way.


The clusterwide configuration should be updated.

  1. Make sure all instances are running and not stuck in the ConnectingFullmesh state (see above).

  2. Make sure all instances have discovered each other (i.e. they look healthy in the WebUI).

  3. Run the following snippet in the Tarantool console. It’ll prepare a patch for the clusterwide configuration.

    cartridge = require('cartridge')
    members = require('membership').members()
    edit_list = {}
    changelog = {}
    for _, srv in pairs(cartridge.admin_get_servers()) do
        for _, m in pairs(members) do
            if m.status == 'alive'
            and m.payload.uuid == srv.uuid
            and m.uri ~= srv.uri
                table.insert(edit_list, {uuid = srv.uuid, uri = m.uri})
                table.insert(changelog, string.format('%s -> %s (%s)', srv.uri, m.uri, m.payload.alias))
    return changelog

    As a result you’ll see a brief summary like the following one:

    localhost:3301> return changelog
    - - localhost:13301 -> localhost:3301 (srv-1)
      - localhost:13302 -> localhost:3302 (srv-2)
      - localhost:13303 -> localhost:3303 (srv-3)
      - localhost:13304 -> localhost:3304 (srv-4)
      - localhost:13305 -> localhost:3305 (srv-5)
  4. Finally, apply the patch:

    cartridge.admin_edit_topology({servers = edit_list})

The cluster is doomed, I’ve edited the config manually. How do I reload it?


Please be aware that it’s quite risky and you know what you’re doing. There’s some useful information about clusterwide configuration anatomy and «normal» management API.

But if you’re still determined to reload the configuration manually, you can do (in the Tarantool console):

-- load config from filesystem
clusterwide_config = require('cartridge.clusterwide-config')
cfg = clusterwidie_config.load('./config')

confapplier = require('cartridge.confapplier')

This snippet reloads the configuration on a single instance. All other instances continue operating as before.


If further configuration modifications are made with a two-phase commit (e.g. via the WebUI or with the Lua API), the active configuration of an active instance will be spread across the cluster.