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Checking instance status

Run the status command to check the current status of one or more instances:

cartridge status [INSTANCE_NAME...] [flags]

where [INSTANCE_NAME...] means that more than one instance can be specified.

If no INSTANCE_NAME is provided, all the instances from the Cartridge instance configuration file are taken as arguments. See the --cfg option below.


Make sure the instance(s) you are checking were started with cartridge start -d.

--name Application name. By default, it is taken from the package field of the application’s .rockspec.
--stateboard Get the status of the application stateboard and the instances. Ignored if --stateboard-only is specified.
--stateboard-only Get only the application stateboard status. If specified, INSTANCE_NAME... is ignored.
--run-dir The directory where PID and socket files are stored. Defaults to ./tmp/run. run-dir is also a section of .cartridge.yml. Learn more about instance paths.
--cfg Path to the Cartridge instances configuration file. Defaults to ./instances.yml. cfg``is also a section of ``.cartridge.yml. Learn more about instance paths.

status also supports global flags.


Use the exact same run-dir as you did with cartridge start. The PID files stored in that directory are used to stop running instances.

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