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The gc function of gives the admin user a picture of the factors that affect the Tarantool garbage collector. The garbage collector compares vclock (vector clock) values of users and checkpoints, so a look at may show why the garbage collector has not removed old WAL files, or show what it may soon remove.

  • gc().consumers – a list of users whose requests might affect the garbage collector.
  • gc().checkpoints – a list of preserved checkpoints.
  • gc().checkpoints[n].references – a list of references to a checkpoint.
  • gc().checkpoints[n].vclock – a checkpoint’s vclock value.
  • gc().checkpoints[n].signature – a sum of a checkpoint’s vclock’s components.
  • gc().checkpoint_is_in_progress – true if a checkpoint is in progress, otherwise false
  • gc().vclock – the garbage collector’s vclock.
  • gc().signature – the sum of the garbage collector’s checkpoint’s components.
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