Installation | Tarantool


  1. Install third-party software:

  2. Install Tarantool 1.10 or higher:

    You can:

  3. [For all platforms except macOS] If you build Tarantool from source, you need to set up the Tarantool packages repository manually:

    curl -L | sudo -E bash -s -- --repo-only
  4. Install the cartridge-cli package:

    • For CentOS, Fedora, ALT Linux (RPM package):

      sudo yum install cartridge-cli
    • For Debian, Ubuntu (DEB package):

      sudo apt-get install cartridge-cli
    • For MacOS X (Homebrew formula):

      brew install cartridge-cli
    • Or build locally:

      mage build
  5. Check the installation:

    cartridge version

The cartridge-cli RPM and DEB packages contain a Bash completion script, /etc/bash_completion.d/cartridge.

To enable completion after cartridge-cli installation, open a new shell or source the completion file at /etc/bash_completion.d/cartridge. Make sure that you have bash-completion installed.

To install Zsh completion, run:

cartridge gen completion --skip-bash --zsh="${fpath[1]}/_cartridge"

Now enable shell completion:

echo "autoload -U compinit; compinit" >> ~/.zshrc

If you install cartridge-cli from brew, it automatically installs both Bash and Zsh completion.

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