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Migration from Cartridge CLI to tt


The migration instruction is also available in the tt repository on GitHub.

To start managing a Cartridge application with tt instead of Cartridge CLI, run tt init in the application directory:

$ tt init
• Found existing config '.cartridge.yml' Environment config is written to 'tt.yaml'

This creates a tt environment based on the existing Cartridge configuration. Now you’re ready to manage the application with tt:

$ tt start
• Starting an instance [app:s1-master]...
• Starting an instance [app:s1-replica]...
• Starting an instance [app:s2-master]...
• Starting an instance [app:s2-replica]...
• Starting an instance [app:stateboard]...
• Starting an instance [app:router]...
$ tt status
INSTANCE           STATUS          PID
app:s1-replica     RUNNING         112645
app:s2-master      RUNNING         112646
app:s2-replica     RUNNING         112647
app:stateboard     RUNNING         112655
app:router         RUNNING         112656
app:s1-master      RUNNING         112644

Most Cartridge CLI commands look the same in tt: cartridge start and tt start, cartridge create and tt create, and so on. To migrate such calls, it is usually enough to replace the utility name. There can be slight differences in command flags and format. For details on tt commands, see the tt commands reference.

The following commands are different in tt:

  • Cartridge CLI commands admin, bench, failover, repair, replicasets are implemented as subcommands of tt cartridge. Example, tt cartridge repair.
  • cartridge enter and cartridge connect are covered by tt connect.
  • The analog of cartridge gen completion is tt completion
  • cartridge log and cartridge pack docker functionality is not supported in tt.
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