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The memory function of gives the admin user a picture of the whole Tarantool instance.


To get a picture of the vinyl subsystem, use box.stat.vinyl() instead.

  • memory().cache – number of bytes used for caching user data. The memtx storage engine does not require a cache, so in fact this is the number of bytes in the cache for the tuples stored for the vinyl storage engine.
  • memory().data – number of bytes used for storing user data (the tuples) with the memtx engine and with level 0 of the vinyl engine, without taking memory fragmentation into account.
  • memory().index – number of bytes used for indexing user data, including memtx and vinyl memory tree extents, the vinyl page index, and the vinyl bloom filters.
  • memory().lua – number of bytes used for Lua runtime.
  • memory().net – number of bytes used for network input/output buffers.
  • memory().tx – number of bytes in use by active transactions. For the vinyl storage engine, this is the total size of all allocated objects (struct txv, struct vy_tx, struct vy_read_interval) and tuples pinned for those objects.

An example with a minimum allocation while only the memtx storage engine is in use:

- cache: 0
  data: 6552
  tx: 0
  lua: 1315567
  net: 98304
  index: 1196032
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