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Major features

Every released version of Tarantool brings some notable features and fixes, which are all listed in the release notes.

To keep track of the major features in each version of the Tarantool easier, you can use the table below.

Later versions inherit features from earlier ones in the same release series. Note that versions before 2.10.* are numbered according to the legacy release policy, while versions 2.10.0 and later adhere to the current release policy. Versions that only include bug fixes are not listed in this table.

Since version Feature
2.11.0 Tarantool Enterprise Edition
Security enhancements: Encrypted SSL/TLS keys, new security enforcement options, PAP-SHA256 support
Read views
zlib support for tuple compression
WAL extensions
Tarantool Community Edition
Pagination support (the after option)
Support for downgrading a database (box.schema.downgrade())
New bootstrap strategy
Limitation of fiber execution time
Per-module logging
HTTP client enhancements
Linearizable read
Explicit sequential scanning in SQL
Strict fencing in RAFT
2.10.5 Introduced the _vspace_sequence system space view of the _space_sequence system space (gh-7858).
The log produced during box.cfg{} now contains the build target triplet (for example, Linux-x86_64-RelWithDebInfo).
2.10.4 The JSON log format can now be used with the syslog logger (gh-7860).
SQL improvements: CASE (gh-6990) and NULLIF() (gh-6989).
Diagnostics now provide relative file paths instead of absolute ones (gh-7808).
2.10.3 RedOS 7.3 is now supported.
Added the -DENABLE_HARDENING=ON/OFF CMake option that enables hardening against memory corruption attacks (gh-7536).
2.10.2 Internal fibers cannot be cancelled from the Lua public API anymore (gh-7473)
2.10.1 Interactive transactions are now possible in remote binary consoles (gh-7413)
Improved string representation of datetime intervals (gh-7045)
2.10.0 Transaction isolation levels in Lua and IPROTO (gh-6930)
Fencing and pre-voting in RAFT (gh-6661)
Foreign keys and constraints support (gh-6436)
HTTP/2 support for the HTTP client
Preliminary support for GNU/Linux ARM64 and MacOS M1 (gh-2712, gh-6065, gh-6066, gh-6084, gh-6093, gh-6098, gh-6189)
Streams and interactive transactions in iproto (gh-5860)
Consistent SQL type system
Faster module performance (improved up to 70%) (gh-6241)
Compact mode for tuples (gh-5385)
memtx_allocator option in box.cfg{} (gh-5419)
2.8.2 Symbolic log levels in the log module (gh-5882)
2.7.3, 1.10.11 LJ_DUALNUM mode support in luajit-gdb (gh-6224)
2.7.3 New table.equals method in Lua interface for synchronous replication statistics (gh-5191)
2.8.1 Multiple iproto threads (gh-5645)
Set box.cfg options with environment variables (gh-5602)
Friendly LuaJIT memory profiler report (gh-5811)
--leak-only LuaJIT memory profiler option (gh-5812)
2.7.1 LuaJIT memory profiler (gh-5442)
SQL ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN statement support for empty tables (gh-2349, gh-3075)
2.6.3, 2.7.2 The concept of WAL queue (gh-5536)
2.6.3, 2.7.2, 2.8.1 box.ctl.promote() and the concept of manual elections (gh-3055)
2.6.1 LuaJIT platform metrics (gh-5187)
Automated leader election based on Raft algorithm (gh-1146)
Transactional manager for memtx engine (gh-4897)
2.5.3, 2.6.2, 2.7.1 Expression evaluation for replication_synchro_quorum (gh-5446)
2.5.3, 2.6.2 box.ctl.is_recovery_finished() for memtx engine (gh-5187)
2.5.1 Synchronous replication (beta) (gh-4842)
Allow an anonymous replica to follow another anonymous replica (gh-4696)
2.4.1 UUID type for field and index (gh-4268, gh-2916)
popen built-in module (gh-4031)
Ability to create custom error types (gh-4398)
Transparent marshalling through (gh-4398)
Stacked diagnostic area (gh-1148)
2.3.1 Field name and JSON path updates (gh-1261)
Anonymous replica type (gh-3186)
DOUBLE type in SQL (gh-3812)
Support for decimals in spaces, decimal field type (gh-4333) function in Lua (gh-2694)
Feed data from memory during replica initial join (gh-1271)
SQL prepared statements support and cache (gh-2592, gh-3292)
_session_settings service space (gh-4511)
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