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Tarantool Enterprise Edition Monitoring system metrics

Monitoring system metrics

Option Description SNMP type Units of measure Threshold
Version Tarantool version DisplayString    
IsAlive instance availability indicator




0 - unavailable

1 - available

MemoryLua storage space used by Lua Gauge32 Mbyte 900
MemoryData storage space used for storing data Gauge32 Mbyte set the value manually
MemoryNet storage space used for network I/O Gauge32 Mbyte 1024
MemoryIndex storage space used for storing indexes Gauge32 Mbyte set the value manually
MemoryCache storage space used for storing caches (for vinyl engine only) Gauge32 Mbyte  
ReplicationLag lag time since the last sync between (the maximum value in case there are multiple fibers) Integer32 sec. 5
FiberCount number of fibers Gauge32 pc. 1000
CurrentTime current time, in seconds, starting at January, 1st, 1970 Unsigned32 Unix timestamp, in sec.  
StorageStatus status of a replica set Integer listing > 1
StorageAlerts number of alerts for storage nodes Gauge32 pc. >= 1
StorageTotalBkts total number of buckets in the storage Gauge32 pc. < 0
StorageActiveBkts number of buckets in the ACTIVE state Gauge32 pc. < 0
StorageGarbageBkts number of buckets in the GARBAGE state Gauge32 pc. < 0
StorageReceivingBkts number of buckets in the RECEIVING state Gauge32 pc. < 0
StorageSendingBkts number of buckets in the SENDING state Gauge32 pc. < 0
RouterStatus status of the router Integer listing > 1
RouterAlerts number of alerts for the router Gauge32 pc. >= 1
RouterKnownBkts number of buckets within the known destination replica sets Gauge32 pc. < 0
RouterUnknownBkts number of buckets that are unknown to the router Gauge32 pc. < 0
RequestCount total number of requests Counter64 pc.  
InsertCount total number of insert requests Counter64 pc.  
DeleteCount total number of delete requests Counter64 pc.  
ReplaceCount total number of replace requests Counter64 pc.  
UpdateCount total number of update requests Counter64 pc.  
SelectCount total number of select requests Counter64 pc.  
EvalCount number of calls made via Eval Counter64 pc.  
CallCount number of calls made via call Counter64 pc.  
ErrorCount number of errors in Tarantool Counter64 pc.  
AuthCount number of completed authentication operations Counter64 pc.  
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