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Building an application

$ tt build [PATH] [--spec SPEC_FILE_PATH]

tt build builds a Tarantool application locally.


Path to a .rockspec file to use for the current build

The PATH argument should contain the path to the application directory (that is, to the build source). The default path is . (current directory).

The application directory must contain a .rockspec file to use for the build. If there is more than one .rockspec file in the application directory, specify the one to use in the --spec argument.

tt build builds an application with the tt rocks make command. It downloads the application dependencies into the .rocks directory, making the application ready to run locally.

In addition to building the application with LuaRocks, tt build can execute pre-build and post-build scripts. These scripts should contain steps to execute right before and after building the application. These files must be named tt.pre-build and correspondingly and located in the application directory.


For compatibility with Cartridge applications, the pre-build and post-build scripts can also have names cartridge.pre-build and

If your application depends on closed-source rocks, or if the build should contain rocks from a project added as a submodule, install these dependencies using the pre-build script before building. For example, add the following line:

tt rocks make --chdir ./third_party/proj

Learn more about pre-build and post-build scripts.

  • Build the application app1 from its directory:

    $ tt build
  • Build the application app1 from the simple_app directory inside the current directory:

    $ tt build simple_app
  • Build the application app1 from its directory explicitly specifying the rockspec file to use:

    $ tt build --spec app1-scm-1.rockspec
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