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Submodule box.schema

The box.schema submodule has data-definition functions for spaces, users, roles, function tuples, and sequences.

Below is a list of all box.schema functions.

Name Use Create a space
box.schema.upgrade() Upgrade a database
box.schema.downgrade() Downgrade a database
box.schema.downgrade_issues() List downgrade issues for the specified Tarantool version
box.schema.downgrade_versions() List Tarantool versions available for downgrade
box.schema.user.create() Create a user
box.schema.user.drop() Drop a user
box.schema.user.exists() Check if a user exists
box.schema.user.grant() Grant privileges to a user or a role
box.schema.user.revoke() Revoke privileges from a user or a role
box.schema.user.password() Get a hash of a user’s password
box.schema.user.passwd() Associate a password with a user Get a description of a user’s privileges
box.schema.role.create() Create a role
box.schema.role.drop() Drop a role
box.schema.role.exists() Check if a role exists
box.schema.role.grant() Grant privileges to a role
box.schema.role.revoke() Revoke privileges from a role Get a description of a role’s privileges
box.schema.func.create() Create a function tuple
box.schema.func.drop() Drop a function tuple
box.schema.func.exists() Check if a function tuple exists
box.schema.func.reload() Reload a C module with all its functions, no restart
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