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object tuple_object

A Lua table can have indexed values, also called key:value pairs. For example, here:

a = {}; a['field1'] = 10; a['field2'] = 20

a is a table with “field1: 10” and “field2: 20”.

The tuple_object:totable() function only returns a table containing the values. But the tuple_object:tomap() function returns a table containing not only the values, but also the key:value pairs.

This only works if the tuple comes from a space that has been formatted with a format clause.

  • options (table) –

    the only possible option is names_only.

    If names_only is false or omitted (default), then all the fields will appear twice, first with numeric headings and second with name headings.

    If names_only is true, then all the fields will appear only once, with name headings.


field-number:value pair(s) and key:value pair(s) from the tuple



In the following example, a tuple named t1 is returned from a space that has been formatted, then tables named t1map1 and t1map2 are produced from t1.

format = {{'field1', 'unsigned'}, {'field2', 'unsigned'}}
s = box.schema.space.create('test', {format = format})
t1 = s:insert{10, 20}
t1map = t1:tomap()
t1map_names_only = t1:tomap({names_only=true})

t1map will contain “1: 10”, “2: 20”, “field1: 10”, “field2: 20”.

t1map_names_only will contain “field1: 10”, “field2: 20”.

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