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Module cartridge.pool

Connection pool.

Reuse tarantool connections with ease.

Connect a remote or get cached connection. Connection is established using .


  • uri: (string)
  • opts:
    • wait_connected: (boolean or number) by default, connection creation is blocked until the connection is established, but passing wait_connected=false makes it return immediately. Also, passing a timeout makes it wait before returning (e.g. wait_connected=1.5 makes it wait at most 1.5 seconds).
    • fetch_schema: (optional number) Fetch schema from tarantool instances
    • connect_timeout: (optional number) (deprecated)Use wait_connected instead
    • user: (deprecated) don’t use it
    • password: (deprecated) don’t use it
    • reconnect_after: (deprecated) don’t use it

Returns: connection



(table) Error description

Enrich URI with credentials. Suitable to connect other cluster instances.



(string) username:password@host:port

Perform a remote call to multiple URIs and map results.

(Added in v1.2.0-17)


  • fn_name: (string)
  • args: (table) function arguments (optional)
  • opts:
    • uri_list: ({string,…}) array of URIs for performing remote call
    • timeout: (optional number) passed to conn:call() (unit: seconds, default: 10)


({URI=value,…}) Call results mapping for every URI.

(table) United error object, gathering errors for every URI that failed.

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