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Developing with an IDE

You can use IntelliJ IDEA as an IDE to develop and debug Lua applications for Tarantool.

  1. Download and install the IDE from the official web-site.

    JetBrains provides specialized editions for particular languages: IntelliJ IDEA (Java), PHPStorm (PHP), PyCharm (Python), RubyMine (Ruby), CLion (C/C++), WebStorm (Web) and others. So, download a version that suits your primary programming language.

    Tarantool integration is supported for all editions.

  2. Configure the IDE:

    1. Start IntelliJ IDEA.

    2. Click Configure button and select Plugins.

    3. Click Browse repositories.

    4. Install EmmyLua plugin.


      Please don’t be confused with Lua plugin, which is less powerful than EmmyLua.

    5. Restart IntelliJ IDEA.

    6. Click Configure, select Project Defaults and then Run Configurations.

    7. Find Lua Application in the sidebar at the left.

    8. In Program, type a path to an installed tarantool binary.

      By default, this is tarantool or /usr/bin/tarantool on most platforms.

      If you installed tarantool from sources to a custom directory, please specify the proper path here.


      Now IntelliJ IDEA is ready to use with Tarantool.

  3. Create a new Lua project.

  4. Add a new Lua file, for example init.lua.

  5. Write your code, save the file.

  6. To run you application, click Run -> Run in the main menu and select your source file in the list.


    Or click Run -> Debug to start debugging.


    To use Lua debugger, please upgrade Tarantool to version 1.7.5-29-gbb6170e4b or later.

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