Commands | Tarantool


Below is a list of tt commands. Run tt COMMAND help to see the detailed help for the given command.

binaries Show a list of installed binaries and their versions
build Build an application locally
cartridge Manage a Cartridge application
cat Print the contents of .snap or .xlog files into stdout
cfg Manage a tt environment configuration
check Check an application file for syntax errors
clean Clean instance files
completion Generate completion for a specified shell
connect Connect to a Tarantool instance
coredump Manipulate Tarantool core dumps
create Create an application from a template
crud Interact with the CRUD module (Enterprise only)
export Export data to a file (Enterprise only)
help Display help for tt or a specific command
import Import data from a file (Enterprise only)
init Create a new tt environment in the current directory
install Install Tarantool or tt
instances List enabled applications
logrotate Rotate instance logs
pack Package an application
play Play the contents of .snap or .xlog files to another Tarantool instance
restart Restart a Tarantool instance
rocks Use the LuaRocks package manager
run Run Lua code in a Tarantool instance
search Search available Tarantool and tt versions
start Start a Tarantool instance
status Get the current status of a Tarantool instance
stop Stop a Tarantool instance
uninstall Uninstall Tarantool or tt
version Show the tt version information
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