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Tarantool Cluster Manager

Enterprise Edition

Tarantool Cluster Manager is a part of the Enterprise Edition.

Tarantool Cluster Manager (TCM) is a web-based visual tool for configuring, managing, and monitoring Tarantool EE clusters. It provides a GUI for working with clusters and individual instances, from monitoring their state to executing commands interactively in an instance’s console.

TCM is a standalone application included in the Tarantool Enterprise Edition distribution package. It is shipped as ready-to-run executable for Linux platforms.

TCM works only with Tarantool EE clusters that use centralized configuration in etcd or a Tarantool-based configuration storage. When you create or edit a cluster’s configuration in TCM, it publishes the saved configuration to the storage. This ensures consistent and reliable configuration storage. A single TCM installation can connect to multiple Tarantool EE clusters and switch between them in one click.

To provide enterprise-grade security, TCM features its own role-based access control. You can create users and assign them roles that include required permissions. For example, a user can be an administrator of a specific cluster or only have the right to read data. LDAP authorization is supported as well.

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