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Submodule box.index

The box.index submodule provides read-only access for index definitions and index keys. Indexes are contained in array within each space object. They provide an API for ordered iteration over tuples. This API is a direct binding to corresponding methods of index objects of type box.index in the storage engine.

Below is a list of all box.index functions and members.

Name Use
Examples for box.index Some useful examples
space_object:create_index() Create an index
index_object.unique Flag, true if an index is unique
index_object.type Index type
index_object:parts Array of index key fields
index_object:pairs() Prepare for iterating
index_object:select() Select one or more tuples via index
index_object:get() Select a tuple via index
index_object:min() Find the minimum value in index
index_object:max() Find the maximum value in index
index_object:random() Find a random value in index
index_object:count() Count tuples matching key value
index_object:update() Update a tuple
index_object:delete() Delete a tuple by key
index_object:alter() Alter an index
index_object:drop() Drop an index
index_object:rename() Rename an index
index_object:bsize() Get count of bytes for an index
index_object:stat() Get statistics for an index
index_object:compact() Remove unused index space
index_object:tuple_pos() Return a tuple’s position for an index
index_object extensions Any function / method that any user wants to add
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