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Tarantool 2.10.1

Released on 2022-08-08.


It is highly recommended to use Tarantool v. 2.10.2 instead.

The 2.10.1 release introduced a severe regression (gh-7605), which may pass testing with a low amount of data but impact a production server heavily. It may crash the process and, that is worse, feed incorrect data. The Tarantool development team has decided to remove all the packages associated with this release.

2.10.1 is the second stable version of the 2.10 release series. It introduces 17 improvements and resolves 52 bugs since 2.10.0.

The “stable” label means that we have all planned features implemented and we see no high-impact issues. However, if you encounter an issue, feel free to report it on GitHub.

Notable changes are:

  • Interactive transactions are now possible in remote binary consoles.
  • Improved the string representation of datetime intervals.

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in the binary data layout, client-server protocol, and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • [Breaking change] Conflicted transactions now throw the Transaction has been aborted by conflict error on any CRUD operations until they are either rolled back (which will return no error) or committed (which will return the same error) (gh-7240).
  • Read-view transactions now become conflicted on attempts to perform DML statements immediately. Previously, this was detected only on the transaction preparation stage, that is, when calling box.commit (gh-7240).
  • Interactive transactions are now possible in remote binary consoles (gh-7413).
  • It is now possible to omit space in declarations of foreign keys that refer to the same space (gh-7200).

  • Improved the string representation of datetime intervals. Now nanoseconds aren’t converted and attached to seconds; the intervals are displayed “as is”. Example:

    local ival = date.interval.new{year = 12345, hour = 48, min = 3, sec = 1,
                                   nsec = 12345678}


    '+12345 years, 48 hours, 3 minutes, 1.012345678 seconds'


    '+12345 years, 48 hours, 3 minutes, 1 seconds, 12345678 nanoseconds'

  • Added C module API for decimals (gh-7228).
  • Added Lua/C accessors for decimals into the module API (gh-7228).

  • Added the box_tuple_field_by_path() function into the module API. It allow the access to tuple fields from C code using a JSON path (gh-7228).

  • Fedora 30, 31, 32, and 33 are no longer supported.
  • Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla) and 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) are no longer supported.
  • Updated libcurl to version 7.84.0.
  • Updated OpenSSL used for static builds to version 1.1.1q.
  • Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) is no longer supported.
  • Updated Ncurses used for static builds to version 6.3-20220716 .
  • Updated Readline used for static builds to version 8.0p1.
  • Updated libyaml to the version with fixed stack overflows.
  • Updated zstd to version 1.5.2.
  • Updated zlib used for static builds to version 1.2.12.

  • Improved validation of incoming tuples. Now tuples coming over the network can’t contain malformed decimals, uuids, or datetime values (gh-6857).

  • Fixed a bug in the net.box connector because of which a client could fail to close its connection when receiving a shutdown request from the server. This could lead to the server hanging on exit (gh-7225).

  • Fixed a crash and possible undefined behaviour when using scalar and number indexes over fields containing both decimals and double Inf or NaN.

    For vinyl spaces, the above conditions could lead to wrong ordering of indexed values. To fix the issue, recreate the indexes on such spaces following this guide (gh-6377).

  • Fixed a bug because of which a net.box connection was not properly terminated when the process had a child (for example, started with popen) sharing the connection socket fd. The bug could lead to a server hanging on exit while executing the graceful shutdown protocol (gh-7256).

  • Removed an assertion on fiber_wakeup() calls with dead fibers in debug builds. Such behavior was inconsistent with release builds, in which the same calls were allowed (gh-5843).

  • Fixed the exclude_null index option not working for multikey and JSON indexes (gh-5861).

  • Fixed the performance degradation of fiber backtrace collection after the backtrace rework (gh-7207).

  • Fixed a hang when a synchronous request was issued from a net.box on_connect or on_schema_reload trigger. Now an error is raised instead (gh-5358).

  • Fixed a crash that could happen on x86 systems without the RDTSCP instruction (gh-5869).

  • Fixed a bug that allowed to access indexed fields of nested tuples with [*] in Lua (gh-5226).

  • Fixed the behavior of space_object:fselect() on binary data (gh-7040).

  • Fixed Tarantool not being able to recover from old snapshots when box.cfg.work_dir and box.cfg.memtx_dir were both set (gh-7232).

  • Fixed Tarantool terminations on error messages with invalid UTF-8 sequences (gh-6781 and gh-6934).

  • Fixed a bug when the Transaction is active at return from function error was overwriting expression evaluation errors in case the expression begins a transaction (gh-7288).

  • Added type checking for options in net.box’s remote queries and connect method. Now graceful errors are thrown in case of incorrect options (gh-6063, gh-6530).

  • Fixed space_object:format() and space_object.foreign_key returning incorrect numbers of foreign key fields (gh-7350).

  • Fixed the foreign key check on space_object:truncate() calls (gh-7309).

  • Fixed a crash when box.stat.net.thread[i] is called with invalid i values (gh-7196).

  • Fixed a low-probability stack overflow bug in the qsort implementation.

  • Fixed the ability to perform read-only operations in conflicting transactions in memtx, which led to spurious results (gh-7238).
  • Fixed false assertion on repeatable replace with the memtx transaction manager enabled (gh-7214).
  • Fixed false transaction conflict on repeatable insert/upsert with the memtx transaction manager enabled (gh-7217).
  • Fixed dirty reads in the GT iterator of HASH indexes (gh-7477).
  • Fixed phantom reads in reverse iterators (gh-7409).
  • Fixed select with LE iterator in memtx TREE index returning deleted tuple (gh-7432).
  • Fixed incorrect handling of corner cases gap tracking in transaction manager (gh-7375).
  • Fixed a bug in the memtx hash index implementation that could lead to uncommitted data written to a snapshot file (gh-7539).

  • Fixed a bug in the vinyl upsert squashing optimization that could lead to a segmentation fault error (gh-5080).
  • Fixed a bug in the vinyl garbage collector. It could skip stale tuples stored in a secondary index if upsert operations were used on the space before the index was created (gh-3638).
  • Fixed a bug in the vinyl read iterator that could result in a significant performance degradation of range select requests in the presence of an intensive write workload (gh-5700).
  • Explicitly disabled the hot standby mode for vinyl. Now an attempt to enable the hot standby mode in case the master instance has vinyl spaces results in an error. Before this change, the behavior was undefined (gh-6565).

  • Added the logging of the error reason on a replica in case when the master didn’t send a greeting message (gh-7204).
  • Fixed replication being stuck occasionally for no obvious reasons.
  • Fixed a possible split-brain when the old synchro queue owner might finalize the transactions in the presence of the new owner (gh-5295).
  • Improved the detection of possible split-brain situations, for example, when multiple leaders were working independently due to manually lowered quorum. Once a node discovers that it received some foreign data, it immediately stops replication from such a node with an ER_SPLIT_BRAIN error (gh-5295).
  • Fixed a false positive split-brain error after box.ctl.demote() (gh-7286).
  • Fixed a bug when followers with box.cfg.election_mode turned on did not notice the leader hang due to a long request, such as a select{} from a large space or a pairs iteration without yields between loop cycles (gh-7512).

Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-6548 and gh-7230). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Fixed emitting for fuse load of constant in GC64 mode (gh-4095, gh-4199, gh-4614).
  • Now initialization of zero-filled struct is compiled (gh-4630, gh-5885).
  • Actually implemented maxirconst option for tuning JIT compiler.
  • Fixed JIT stack of Lua slots overflow during recording for metamethod calls.
  • Fixed bytecode dump unpatching for JLOOP in up-recursion compiled functions.
  • Fixed FOLD rule for strength reduction of widening in cdata indexing.
  • Fixed string.char() recording without arguments.
  • Fixed print() behaviour with the reloaded default metatable for numbers.
  • tonumber("-0") now saves the sign of number for conversion.
  • tonumber() now gives predictable results for negative non-base-10 numbers.
  • Fixed write barrier for debug.setupvalue() and lua_setupvalue().
  • Fixed conflict between 64 bit lightuserdata and ITERN key for ARM64.
  • Fixed emitting assembly for HREFK on ARM64.
  • Fixed pass-by-value struct in FFI calls on ARM64.
  • jit.p now flushes and closes output file after run, not at program exit.
  • Fixed jit.p profiler interaction with GC finalizers.
  • Fixed the case for partial recording of vararg function body with the fixed number of result values in with LJ_GC64 (i.e. LJ_FR2 enabled) (gh-7172).
  • Added /proc/self/exe symlink resolution to the symtab module to obtain the .symtab section for the Tarantool executable.
  • Introduced stack sandwich support to sysprof’s parser (gh-7244).
  • Disabled proto and trace information dumpers in sysprof’s default mode. Attempts to use them lead to a segmentation fault due to an uninitialized buffer (gh-7264).
  • Fixed handling of errors during trace snapshot restore.

  • The fiber_obj:info() now correctly handles its options (gh-7210).
  • Fixed a bug when Ctrl+C doesn’t discard the multiline input (gh-7109).

  • Fixed the creation of ephemeral space format in ORDER BY (gh-7043).
  • The result type of arithmetic operations between two unsigned values is now INTEGER (gh-7295).
  • Fixed a bug with the ANY type in the ephemeral space format in ORDER BY (gh-7043).
  • Truncation of a space no longer corrupts prepared statements (gh-7358).

  • Fixed a bug when date:set{hour=nil,min=XXX} did not retain the original hour value (gh-7298).
  • Introduced the validation of incoming data at the moment messagepack is converted to datetime (gh-6723).

  • Enabled the automatic detection of system CA certificates in the runtime (gh-7372). It was disabled in 2.10.0, which led to the inability to use HTTPS without the verify_peer = false option.

  • Fixed a build failure with gcc if libpbf is installed (gh-7292).
  • Fixed the static build on Mac OS 11 and newer (gh-7459).
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