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Tarantool 2.7.1

Release: v. 2.7.1 Date: 2020-12-30 Tag: 2.7.1-0-g3ac498c9f

2.7.1 is the beta version of the 2.7 release series.

This release introduces 12 new features and resolves 21 bugs since the 2.6.1 version. There can be bugs in less common areas. If you find any, feel free to report an issue on GitHub.

Notable changes are:

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in the binary data layout, client-server protocol, and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • Now it is allowed to define an index without extra braces when there is only one part: parts = {field1, type1, ...} (gh-2866). Read more in the note about index parts declaration.
  • Bitset index now supports the varbinary type (gh-5392).
  • Index-related options now can’t be specified in their definition due to a more pedantic key-parts verification (gh-5473).
  • A warning is now logged when schema version is older than last available schema version (gh-4574).
  • UUID values created via uuid Lua module (require('uuid')) can now be compared using the comparison operators like <, >=, and others (gh-5511).
  • The new box.ctl.is_recovery_finished() function allows user to determine whether memtx recovery is finished.
  • The force_recovery option now ignores errors during snapshot recovery (gh-5422).
  • Feedback daemon now reports box.stat().*.total, box.stat.net().*.total, and box.stat.net().*.current together with the time of report generation. The added fields reside in feedback.stats.box, feedback.stats.net, and feedback.stats.time (gh-5589).

  • Show JSON tokens themselves instead of token names T_* in the JSON decoder error messages (gh-4339).
  • Show a decoding context in the JSON decoder error messages (gh-4339).

  • It is now possible to specify synchro quorum as a function of a number N of registered replicas instead of a const number, for example:

    box.cfg{replication_synchro_quorum = "N/2 + 1"}

    Only the non-anonymous bootstrapped replicas amount to N. The expression should respect synchro guarantees: at least 50% of the cluster size + 1. The expression value is re-evaluated automatically inside of Tarantool when new replicas appear or old ones are removed (gh-5446).

  • Deploy packages for Fedora 32 (gh-4966).
  • Deploy packages for Debian Bullseye (gh-5638).

  • If Tarantool crashes, it will now send a crash dump report to the feedback server. This report contains some fields from uname output, build information, crash reason, and a stack trace. You can disable crash reporting with box.cfg{feedback_crashinfo = false} (gh-5261).

  • fiber.cond:wait() now correctly throws an error when a fiber is cancelled, instead of ignoring the timeout and returning without any signs of an error (gh-5013).
  • Fixed a memory corruption issue, which was most visible on macOS, but could affect any system (gh-5312).
  • A dynamic module now gets correctly unloaded from memory in case of an attempt to load a non-existing function from it (gh-5475).
  • A swim:quit() call now can’t result in a crash (gh-4570).
  • Snapshot recovery with no JSONPath or multikey indices involved now has normal performance (gh-4774).

  • A false-positive “too long WAL write” message no longer appears for synchronous transactions (gh-5139).
  • A box.ctl.wait_rw() call could return when the instance was not in fact writable due to having foreign synchronous transactions. As a result, there was no proper way to wait until the automatically elected leader would become writable. Now box.ctl.wait_rw() works correctly (gh-5440).
  • Fixed a couple of crashes on various tweaks of election mode (gh-5506).
  • Now box.ctl.clear_synchro_queue tries to commit everything that is present on the node. In order to do so it waits for other instances to replicate the data for replication_synchro_quorum seconds. In case timeout passes and quorum wasn’t reached, nothing is rolled back (gh-5435).

  • Data changes in read-only mode are now forbidden (gh-5231).
  • Query execution now does not occasionally raise an unrelated error “Space ‘0’ does not exist” (gh-5592).
  • Coinciding names of temporary files (used to store data during execution) having two instances running on the same machine no longer cause a segfault (gh-5537).
  • The return value of ifnull() built-in function is now of a correct type.
  • SQL calling Lua functions with box calls inside can no longer result in a memory corruption (gh-5427).

  • Dispatching __call metamethod no longer causes address clashing (gh-4518, gh-4649).
  • Fixed a false positive panic when yielding in debug hook (gh-5649).

  • An attempt to use a net.box connection which is not established yet now results in a correctly reported error (gh-4787).
  • Fixed a NULL dereference on error paths in merger which usually happened on a ‘wrong’ key_def (gh-5450).
  • Calling key_def.compare_with_key() with an invalid key no longer causes a segfault (gh-5307).
  • Fixed a hang which occured when tarantool ran a user script with the -e option and this script exited with an error (like with tarantool -e 'assert(false)') (gh-4983).

  • The on_schema_init triggers now can’t cause duplicates in primary key (gh-5304).
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