box.backup.start() | Tarantool



Informs the server that activities related to the removal of outdated backups must be suspended.

To guarantee an opportunity to copy these files, Tarantool will not delete them. But there will be no read-only mode and checkpoints will continue by schedule as usual.

  • n (number) – optional argument starting with Tarantool 1.10.1 that indicates the checkpoint to use relative to the latest checkpoint. For example n = 0 means “backup will be based on the latest checkpoint”, n = 1 means “backup will be based on the first checkpoint before the latest checkpoint (counting backwards)”, and so on. The default value for n is zero.

Return: a table with the names of snapshot and vinyl files that should be copied


tarantool> box.backup.start()
- - ./00000000000000000015.snap
  - ./00000000000000000000.vylog
  - ./513/0/00000000000000000002.index
  - ./513/0/
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