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Tarantool 1.10.15

Released on 2023-02-20.

1.10.15 is the next stable release in the long-term support (LTS) version 1.10.x release series.

The label “stable” means there are 1.10.x-based applications running in production for quite a while without known crashes, incorrect results or other showstopper bugs.

This release introduces 2 improvements and resolves roughly 8 issues since the 1.10.14 version.

Tarantool 1.10.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.9.x in binary data layout, client-server protocol and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 1.10.x series.

  • OpenSUSE 15.1 and 15.2 are no longer supported.
  • Updated libcurl to version 7.87.0 (gh-8150).

  • Fixed a bug when fields could be removed from a table stored in a variable when a logging function was called on this variable (for example, log.info(a)) (gh-3853).
  • Fixed a logging bug: when logging tables with fields that have reserved internal names (such as pid) in the plain log format, such fields weren’t logged (gh-3853).
  • Added the message field when logging tables without such field in the JSON log format (gh-3853).
  • Fixed an assertion on malformed JSON message written to the log (gh-7955).

  • Fixed a bug that could result in select() skipping an existing tuple after a rolled back delete() (gh-7947).

Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-7230). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Fix overflow check in unpack() optimized by a compiler.
  • Fix recording of tonumber() with cdata argument for failed conversions (gh-7655).
  • Fix concatenation operation on cdata. It always raises an error now.
  • Fix io.close() for already closed standard output.
  • Fix trace execution and stitching inside vmevent handler (gh-6782).
  • Fixed emit_loadi() on x86/x64 emitting xor between condition check and jump instructions.
  • Fix stack top for error message when raising the OOM error (gh-3840).
  • Disabled math.modf compilation due to its rare usage and difficulties with proper implementation of the corresponding JIT machinery.
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour on signed zeros for JIT-compiled unary minus (gh-6976).
  • Fixed IR_HREF hash calculations for non-string GC objects for GC64.
  • Fixed assembling of type-check-only variant of IR_SLOAD.
  • Fixed the Lua stack dump command (lj-stack) not working on Python 2. Previously, it used arguments unpacking within the list initialization, which is not supported in Python 2 (gh-7458).

Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-8069). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Fixed loop realigment for dual-number mode
  • Fixed os.date() for wider libc strftime() compatibility.

  • Fixed the assertion fail in cord_on_yield (gh-6647).

  • Fixed an incorrect facility value in syslog on Alpine (gh-8269).

  • Fixed -Werror build fail on Clang 15 (gh-8110).
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