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object tuple_object

If t is a tuple instance, t:bsize() will return the number of bytes in the tuple. With both the memtx storage engine and the vinyl storage engine the default maximum is one megabyte (memtx_max_tuple_size or vinyl_max_tuple_size). Every field has one or more “length” bytes preceding the actual contents, so bsize() returns a value which is slightly greater than the sum of the lengths of the contents.

The value does not include the size of “struct tuple” (for the current size of this structure look in the tuple.h file in Tarantool’s source code).

Return:number of bytes

In the following example, a tuple named t is created which has three fields, and for each field it takes one byte to store the length and three bytes to store the contents, and then there is one more byte to store a count of the number of fields, so bsize() returns 3*(1+3)+1. This is the same as the size of the string that msgpack.encode({‘aaa’,’bbb’,’ccc’}) would return.

tarantool> t ={'aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc'}
tarantool> t:bsize()
- 13
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