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If you created a database with an older Tarantool version and have now installed a newer version, make the request box.schema.upgrade(). This updates Tarantool system spaces to match the currently installed version of Tarantool.

For example, here is what happens when you run box.schema.upgrade() with a database created with Tarantool version 1.6.4 to version 1.7.2 (only a small part of the output is shown):

tarantool> box.schema.upgrade()
alter index primary on _space set options to {"unique":true}, parts to [[0,"unsigned"]]
alter space _schema set options to {}
create view _vindex...
grant read access to 'public' role for _vindex view
set schema version to 1.7.0

You can also put the request box.schema.upgrade() inside a box.once() function in your Tarantool initialization file. On startup, this will create new system spaces, update data type names (for example, num -> unsigned, str -> string) and options in Tarantool system spaces.

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