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Function box.once

box.once(key, function[, ...])

Execute a function, provided it has not been executed before. A passed value is checked to see whether the function has already been executed. If it has been executed before, nothing happens. If it has not been executed before, the function is invoked.

See an example of using box.once() in Adding storage code.

Warning: If an error occurs inside box.once() when initializing a database, you can re-execute the failed box.once() block without stopping the database. The solution is to delete the once object from the system space _schema. Say{}, find your once object there and delete it. For example, re-executing a block with key='hello' :

When box.once() is used for initialization, it may be useful to wait until the database is in an appropriate state (read-only or read-write). In that case, see the functions in the Submodule box.ctl.

- - ['cluster', 'b4e15788-d962-4442-892e-d6c1dd5d13f2']
  - ['max_id', 512]
  - ['oncebye']
  - ['oncehello']
  - ['version', 1, 7, 2]

- ['oncehello']

tarantool> box.once('hello', function() end)
  • key (string) – a value that will be checked
  • function (function) – a function
  • ... – arguments that must be passed to function


The parameter key will be stored in the _schema system space after box.once() is called in order to prevent a double run. These keys are global per replica set. So a simultaneous call of box.once() with the same key on two instances of the same replica set may succeed on both of them, but it’ll lead to a transaction conflict.

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