box.schema.downgrade() | Tarantool



Allows you to downgrade a database to the specified Tarantool version. This might be useful if you need to run a database on older Tarantool versions.

To prepare a database for using it on an older Tarantool instance, call box.schema.downgrade and pass the desired Tarantool version:

tarantool> box.schema.downgrade('2.8.4')


The Tarantool’s downgrade procedure is similar to the upgrade process that is described in the Upgrades topic. You need to run box.schema.downgrade() only on master and execute box.shapshot() on every instance in a replica set before restart to an older version.

To see Tarantool versions available for downgrade, call box.schema.downgrade_versions(). The oldest release available for downgrade is 2.8.2.

Note that the downgrade process might fail if the database enables specific features not supported in the target Tarantool version. You can see all such issues using the box.schema.downgrade_issues() method, which accepts the target version. For example, downgrade to the 2.8.4 version fails if you use tuple compression or field constraints in your database:

tarantool> box.schema.downgrade_issues('2.8.4')
- - Tuple compression is found in space 'bands', field 'band_name'. It is supported
    starting from version 2.10.0.
  - Field constraint is found in space 'bands', field 'year'. It is supported starting
    from version 2.10.0.

See also: box.schema.upgrade()

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