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tuple_object:pairs(), tuple_object:ipairs()

object tuple_object

In Lua, lua-table-value:pairs() is a method which returns: function, lua-table-value, nil. Tarantool has extended this so that tuple-value:pairs() returns: function, tuple-value, nil. It is useful for Lua iterators, because Lua iterators traverse a value’s components until an end marker is reached.

tuple_object:ipairs() is the same as pairs(), because tuple fields are always integers.

Return:function, tuple-value, nil
Rtype:function, lua-value, nil

In the following example, a tuple named t is created and then all its fields are selected using a Lua for-end loop.

tarantool> t = box.tuple.new{'Fld#1', 'Fld#2', 'Fld#3', 'Fld#4', 'Fld#5'}
tarantool> tmp = ''
tarantool> for k, v in t:pairs() do
         >   tmp = tmp .. v
         > end
tarantool> tmp
- Fld#1Fld#2Fld#3Fld#4Fld#5
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