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Default value for max fiber slice

The max fiber slice specifies the max fiber execution time without yield before a warning is logged or an error is raised. It is set with the fiber.set_max_slice() function. The new compat option – fiber_slice_default – controls the default value of the max fiber slice.

The old default value for the max fiber slice is infinity (no warnings or errors). The new default value is {warn = 0.5, err = 1.0}. To use the new behavior, set fiber_slice_default to new as follows:

compat = require('compat')
compat.fiber_slice_default = 'new'

At this point, no incompatible modules are known.

If you see a warning like this in the log:

fiber has not yielded for more than 0.500 seconds,

or the following error is raised unexpectedly by a box function

error: fiber slice is exceeded,

then your application has a fiber that may exceed its slice and fail.

First, make sure that fiber.yield() is used for this fiber to transfer control to another fiber. You can also extend the fiber slice with the fiber.extend_slice(slice) function.

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