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Tarantool 2.10.4

Released on 2022-11-11.

2.10.4 is the fifth stable version of the 2.10 release series. It introduces 5 improvements and resolves 28 bugs since 2.10.3.

The “stable” label means that we have all planned features implemented and we see no high-impact issues. However, if you encounter an issue, feel free to report it on GitHub.

Tarantool 2.x is backward compatible with Tarantool 1.10.x in the binary data layout, client-server protocol, and replication protocol.

Please upgrade using the box.schema.upgrade() procedure to unlock all the new features of the 2.x series.

  • Now the empty string, n, nu, s, and st (that is, leading parts of num and str) are not accepted as valid field types (gh-5940).

  • The JSON log format can now be used with the syslog logger (gh-7860).

  • New rules are applied to determine the type of CASE operation (gh-6990).
  • Now NULLIF() call results have the same type as its first argument (gh-6989).

  • Diagnostics now provide relative file paths instead of absolute ones (gh-7808).
  • Now the compiler info displayed in tarantool.build.compiler and tarantool --version shows the ID and the version of the compiler that was used to build Tarantool. The output has the format ${CMAKE_C_COMPILER_ID}-${CMAKE_C_COMPILER_VERSION}, for example, Clang- (gh-7888).

  • Fixed creation of spaces with a constraint and a foreign key on the same field (gh-7645).
  • Now the same error is returned when a password or a username provided during authorization is incorrect. This prevents user enumeration (ghs-16).
  • Added boundary checking for getenv() return values. Also, for security reasons, Tarantool code now copies these values instead of using them directly (gh-7797).
  • os.getenv() now always returns values of sane size (gh-7797).
  • Fixed the BEGIN, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK counters in the box.stat() output. Now they show the number of started, committed, and rolled back transactions (gh-7583).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during log rotation and application exit (gh-4450).
  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow in mp_decode_decimal() and decimal_unpack() when an input string was too long (ghs-17).
  • Fixed a bug in the MsgPack library that could lead to a failure to detect invalid MsgPack input and, as a result, an out-of-bounds read (ghs-18).
  • If an error occurs during a snapshot recovery, its log now contains information about the row that caused the error (gh-7917).

  • Fixed possible loss of committed tuples in secondary indexes with MVCC transaction manager (gh-7712).
  • Fixed an assertion being triggered on space:drop (gh-7757).
  • Fixed possible violation of the secondary index uniqueness with the transaction manager enabled (gh-7761).

  • Backported patches from vanilla LuaJIT trunk (gh-7230). In the scope of this activity, the following issues have been resolved:
    • Fix overflow check in unpack() optimized by a compiler.
    • Fix recording of tonumber() with cdata argument for failed conversions (gh-7655).
    • Fix concatenation operation on cdata. It always raises an error now.
  • Fixed the Lua stack dump command (lj-stack) to support Python 2: unpacking arguments within the list initialization is not supported in it (gh-7458).

  • Fixed a crash in msgpack.decode in case the input string contains an invalid MsgPack header 0xc1 (gh-7818).

  • Fixed an assertion when INDEXED BY was used with an index that was at least third in a space (gh-5976).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting tuples with more fields than specified in the space format (gh-5310, gh-4666).
  • Fixed an assertion in JOIN when using an unsupported index (gh-5678).
  • Creating indexes on newly added fields no longer leads to assertions in SELECT queries (gh-5183).
  • Re-running a prepared statement that generates new auto-increment IDs no longer causes an error (gh-6422).
  • An error is now thrown if too many indexes were created in SQL (gh-5526).

  • Revoked execute access rights to the LUA function from the public role (ghs-14).
  • [Breaking change] Now the empty string, n, nu, s, and st (that is, leading parts of num and str) are not accepted as valid field types (gh-5940).
  • Fixed a bug when type = box.NULL in key_def.new() resulted in type = 'unsigned' (gh-5222).
  • The _vfunc system space now has the same format as _func (gh-7822).
  • Fixed a crash on recovery from snapshots that don’t include system spaces (gh-7800).
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a foreign key was created together with fields that participate in that foreign key (gh-7652).

  • Fixed interval arithmetic for boundaries crossing DST (gh-7700).

    Results of datetime arithmetic operations could get a different timezone if the DST boundary has been crossed during the operation:

    tarantool> datetime.new{year=2008, month=1, day=1,
                            tz='Europe/Moscow'} +
    - 2008-07-01T01:00:00 Europe/Moscow

    Now we resolve tzoffset at the end of operation if tzindex is not 0.

  • Fixed subtractions for datetimes with different timezones (gh-7698).

    Previously, the timezone difference (tzoffset) was ignored in datetime subtraction operations:

    tarantool> datetime.new{tz='MSK'} - datetime.new{tz='UTC'}
    - +0 seconds
    tarantool> datetime.new{tz='MSK'}.timestamp -
    - -10800

    Now this difference is accumulated in the minute component of the resulting interval:

    tarantool> datetime.new{tz='MSK'} - datetime.new{tz='UTC'}
    - -180 minutes
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