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_collation is a system space with a list of collations. There are over 270 built-in collations and users may add more. Here is one example:

- - [239, 'unicode_uk_s2', 1, 'ICU', 'uk', {'strength': 'secondary'}]

Explanation of the fields in the example: id = 239 i.e. Tarantool’s primary key is 239, name = ‘unicode_uk_s2’ i.e. according to Tarantool’s naming convention this is a Unicode collation + it is for the uk locale + it has secondary strength, owner = 1 i.e. the admin user, type = ‘ICU’ i.e. the rules are according to International Components for Unicode, locale = ‘uk’ i.e. Ukrainian, opts = ‘strength:secondary’ i.e. with this collation comparisons use both primary and secondary weights.

The system space view for _collation is _vcollation.

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