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List all the anonymous replicas following the instance.

The output is similar to the one produced by with an exception that anonymous replicas are indexed by their uuid strings rather than server ids, since server ids have no meaning for anonymous replicas.

Notice that when you issue a plain, the only info returned is the number of anonymous replicas following the current instance. In order to see the full stats, you have to call This is done to not overload the output with excess info, since there may be lots of anonymous replicas.


- count: 1

- 44237cb4-de83-4347-b6db-46274b940acf:
    id: 0
    uuid: 44237cb4-de83-4347-b6db-46274b940acf
    lsn: 0
      status: follow
      idle: 0.81613899999866
      vclock: {1: 7}
      lag: 0
    name: null

Notice that anonymous replicas hide their lsn from the others, so an anonymous replica lsn will always be reported as zero, even if an anonymous replica performs some local space operations. To find out the lsn of a specific anonymous replica, you have to issue on it.

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