box.schema.user.password() | Tarantool



Return a hash of a user’s password. For explanation of how Tarantool maintains passwords, see section Passwords and reference on _user space.


  • If a non-‘guest’ user has no password, it’s impossible to connect to Tarantool using this user. The user is regarded as “internal” only, not usable from a remote connection. Such users can be useful if they have defined some procedures with the SETUID option, on which privileges are granted to externally-connectable users. This way, external users cannot create/drop objects, they can only invoke procedures.
  • For the ‘guest’ user, it’s impossible to set a password: that would be misleading, since ‘guest’ is the default user on a newly-established connection over a binary port, and Tarantool does not require a password to establish a binary connection. It is, however, possible to change the current user to ‘guest’ by providing the AUTH packet with no password at all or an empty password. This feature is useful for connection pools, which want to reuse a connection for a different user without re-establishing it.
  • password (string) – password to be hashed



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